Hello Brothers of West Virginia Alpha,

My name is Marc Munoz and I am the Expansion Consultant from Phi Kappa Psi Headquarters. I was initiated into the California Eta Chapter at Cal Poly in 2012. I graduated in June of 2016 and began to work for headquarters this past June (2016) immediately after my graduation.

In my time of recruiting over the past 3 months, I have managed to recruit 24 men that range in grade from Sophmore to Senior and have an average GPA of 3.25. We began by tabling in the Mountainlair and letting people approach us. While it was minorly successful, we had several people reach out to us requesting more information.

We hosted information sessions that were able to strike interest of multiple groups of people and where we were able to invite potential new members to. After some time, we have managed to recruit some legacies and local West Virginians with the help of many alumni throughout the state. Currently, I am in the process of teaching the colony members best practices in recruiting on their own and so far we are having success and feel that we are on track to have a colony of 40 men come December. While our progress is steady and shows promise, alumni support and involvement with the colony is still crucial. I highly encourage that you see how you can get involved.